For all Proserve machines we offer everything from a full service to mini service kits you can order online.
Check out our videos below on assembling and cleaning your machine


Pro 20

o User Manual
o Service Kits
o Trouble Shooting

Pro 50

o User Manual
o Service Kits
o Trouble Shooting

We reccommend replacing the seals on your machine every 3 months to prevent any unnecessary leakage or overrun.
Our service kits are divided into Plastic packs and Seal packs - if you need any advice please call the team on 01395 239 500



Service Kits.
We hold two types of service kits in stock for immediate dispatch - Seal Packs and Plastic Packs.

Seal Pack - Our Service Seal packs contain all the neccessary seals required for your machine. We recomend replacing the seals on your machine every 3 months to prevent any unnecessary leakage.

Plastic Pack - Our Service Plastic packs contain all the neccessary consumable plastic parts required for your machine. We recomend replacing these parts every 3 months otherwise the overun of your machine may be affected

Service Hotline
Most faults or problems can be rectified over the telephone, if you have a Proserve machine, please give us a call and one of our engineers will be happy to assist. 01395 239 500

If you have a fault with your machine that cannot be resolved over the   telephone then we will organise an engineer to visit your location

Service Visits and Repairs

We are able to provide a refurbishment or repair service for all Proserve machines  Give us a call on 01395 239 500 with the make, model and serial number of your machine.





Free Quote

See just how much it would cost to lease Proserve equipment. Just enter the equipment cost and press calculate and we will show you the leasing costs based on a three year term

Terms & benefits

  • Fixed Rates for the length of the agreement
  • Major tax advantages - every payment is 100% allowable against corporation tax
  • Spreading the cost of the equipment makes it easier to obtain higher specification equipment
  • Maintains cash within the business for future growth

    All payments shown are indicative based upon a typical business trading in excess of 3 years and are subject to status and vat. The tax relief shown is for illustration purposes only so please contact your accountant to clarify how tax relief can work for you.
Leasing Calculator

Complete your own Profit Projection to see just how much profit you can make using Proserve Machines. Input the selling price you would expect to sell at, the number you think you could sell on an average day and finally the number of days you are open or would sell your chosen product. Profit totals exclude overheads such as rent, rates, utilities etc

Calculations are based on an 8oz serving of frozen yogurt.

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